BOOK REVIEW: A Teen on the Run

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This book “Run for Your Life” is based on a true life story.


All my life since I can first remember, I was running from dirty hands and roaming fingers. Close neighbors even abused me. When I babysat up the street, the ladies husband raped me. It didn’t matter where I went, abuse always followed.

I knew my parents wouldn’t believe me, so I held all the abuse in for years.

In school I was tormented and bullied by other kids, until one day I fought back. I won the fight, by chance, and was labeled the new school bully. It felt good to have that power at first. But that created more fear and more bullying, because there was always someone bigger and tougher.


At 13, I met who I thought was the love of my life. I was in junior high, he was in high school and 4 years older than me. We became inseparable. I couldn’t breathe without him. We began skipping school to be together.

The courts became involved. I was placed on house arrest and forbidden to see him. We met secretly. He had a brilliant idea… we could run away, then no one could stop us from being together.


We began hitchhiking across the USA. Soon we found ourselves running from more than the law. Unknowingly we took rides from some of America’s Most Wanted.

We were kidnapped and beaten. I was raped and nearly killed more times than I can count. Even worse, my boyfriend turned on me.


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Elisabeth (Lisa) Freeman is an award-winning author and motivational speaker. Everyone in her family (even her dogs) have been abused or bullied. She shares their true stories through powerful anti-bullying presentations throughout Michigan and United States. She has founded two non-profit organizations to help others heal from abuse, bullying and violence. In 2010, after her son’s untimely death she became the Healing Projects Specialist for the Bully Police USA. More Info




Puppy & Dog Training in Michigan

Wolf Dog

Puppy Aggression

Can puppies be aggressive and learn aggressive behavior? Absolutely. I see this in my private training sessions every day. But Colter here is part Wolf and German Shepherd. At only four months old he was highly aggressive and ready to eat me when I stepped inside the gate.

He was growling viciously and biting his owners. His food aggression was over the top. And he was constantly jumping up.

Picture Perfect

This picture was taken at the end of our one hour training session. His owners kept asking, “Wow, is this even the same dog.”

By the end of the hour, he was kissing our hands instead of biting, playing instead of viciously growling, learning to sit politely and be petted, and taking food a lot more nicely.

Keeping It Positive


At Positive Engagements we’re all about keeping it real, simple and positive. Our methods are gentle, but firm and we use positive reinforcements and rewards to encourage good behaviors. We teach owners how to discipline appropriately in a gentle manner, so that the dog never feels bad, but is able to recover quickly and overcome any bad behaviors and learn to be obedient. We do a full evaluation on each and every dog prior to beginning any training, to be sure we are approaching training the best way possible for that specific dog.

Dog Whisperer in Michigan

Lisa Freeman is often called the Dog Lady or the Dog Whisperer. She travels all over Michigan on a daily basis to work with aggressive puppies and dogs. She is an AKC Evaluator, Behavioral Expert, Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist. She offers training for bad behaviors, obedience, AKC Star Pup & CGC, pet therapy, service dog work, and aggression. Aside from private and in home training, she offers group classes in Owosso, Michigan in the spring and fall. Classes will begin the first week in April, are only $75 and are limited to the first 10 pups/dogs and owners. Preregistration and advanced payment holds your placement in class. Hurry, this offer won’t last long. Contact her  and Sign up Today